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Craigslist is a good medium to advertise your products and services as it has been quite successful in offering a free space to sell almost everything.

Craigslist is a popular medium where one can start a business and undoubtedly, it is being used by even the mainstream businesses.  Let’s see how to sell on Craigslist:

How to Sell?

The very first thing before selling on Craigslist is to look for a closest subdomain on Craigslist. It is a local platform to sell products locally and it is important to locate the relevant subdomain. You just cannot post your ads on Craigslist randomly as you have to choose a particular location first. While navigating on the homepage, you will get to see a number of cities and countries. Here you have to find your place, click on it and the page will go to “for sale” tab. Press this button and after this, you can list the products or services that you want to sell.

How to Post an Ad?

Lots of opportunities are there if you post the ad in a right way. Many people ignore few things that can give a huge push to your sales. Take a look:

  • Create interesting ad titles to attract the viewer instantly.
  • Write nice and clever description that defines your business. Words are great to appeal a customer so try to connect with your potential audience.
  • Show the real you by offering beautiful and gorgeous images from various angles.
  • Always leave a phone number to let people contact you. You can also give an email there.
  • At last, link the ad to your site’s product page.

What to Do Not to Get Flagged?

Though Craigslist is great, it can flag you for some reasons. So try not to get spammed and make sure to abide by the rules and regulations to be good to this marketplace. With that in mind, consider these tips so as not to get flagged and take advantage of your business as much as possible:

  • Avoid posting multiple ads for the same product. It can lead to flagging and spamming.
  • Don’t go crazy with posting the ads or else you will be banned.
  • Be under control to use this free service for long coming years. Make sure to write creative titles and appealing post descriptions for each listing.

Another way to build your reputation on Craigslist is by offering freebies like free stickers under sale section. Let’s create your brand goodwill by advertising your local business.

No matter Craiglist is a great platform to advertise products, it can sometimes prove out to be a bad deal. You have to ensure the authenticity and relevancy of the ads you are posting there. Since most of the ads target local audience, it would be a great way to meet different people in your area. Social links matter a lot so adopt this classified advertising platform now.


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