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Most SEO Campaigns fail when we don’t accept the reality of online marketing. Plus, they live in a hypothetical belief of achieving online business success overnight. If I start a blog on internet marketing tutorial and tips, then I would have to figure out my needs and requirement in the first place. Well, I believe a quality-cum-mobile-friendly website will be a prudent initial step for sure. Secondly, I will require interesting content for my audience. On top of that, I can make podcasts and blogs as well for maximum results.

But wait, am I actually an expert in internet marketing or is it just a belief of being an expert in SEO. The problem with most of us is that we undervalue our talents when it comes to proving our worth in front of the audience. However, our trust over our expertise in any field is the foremost requirement.

As a business owner, our expectation is to succeed quickly. Most believe that having a nice website means to have enquiries and sales calls right from day one, but we all know reality is somewhat different.

When you are not a brand or a big company which means you are a small or average company or business owner, online marketing campaign works almost the same way as marketing works in everyday real world life, and we all know it is not easy.

Remember how does a small clothing shop owner sells cloths and grows with time to become a clothing store owner. The employment progresses gradually; for example, from four employees to six next year. This is the way it works with online marketing. It is a digital world and we are small shop owners selling small products and services through our own websites, affiliate websites, social media channels, YouTube channels, guest blogs, guest interviews, image circulations, local listings, Google analytics, keyword optimization, classified submissions, social media customer chat, and many more methods in order to get us the end results.

Every tiny bit of marketing matters and it takes time for sure.

Now the next big question is- How much Time?

It depends on how good your business is in real world as well as on the internet. Look over your own attitude towards your business. Are you a successful business owner selling products or services to your customers? Do you have knowledge to be in some business and make it successful?

Why these questions do even matter in online marketing? The matter of the fact is that these are more important question than internet marketing ones for your business.

When you are not good at the business you are doing and your products and services are not up to a customer’s expectation, then how some SEO experts or so-called SEO-wizards can bring you customers just like that? Let me explain why I am saying these words.

The most effective mode of acquiring customers is word of mouth. When a satisfied customer suggests someone about your product and services – it means victory. To reach that point of persuasion – it takes discipline, knowledge, effectiveness, dedicated customer service, and many more attributes that one can add.

Time it takes to be an online success also depends on competitiveness of the business you are dealing in. For example, real estate, automotive, rentals, clothing, mobiles, electronic gadgets etc. are highly competitive niches on internet as compared to specific software, landscaping services, plumbing services etc.

Effectiveness of internet marketing in your business niche depends on your web content and its presentation. High quality business content, useful to your audience and customers normally has high conversion rates because of its ability to connect with the audience.

Web content could be in the form of text, videos, audio or images and publishing medium could be a personal or business website, social media pages, YouTube video channel or audio interview podcasts. All it matters is the quality of content you are serving to your audience and customers.

Time constraint in online success is proportional to your present day business standings, audience connectivity, customer service, response time, content quality, and its presentation.

Idea of success in internet marketing only considering SEO as decisive pointer is contradictive, as with the evolution of internet marketing SEO or search engine is now considered as a part of internet marketing world. A common SEO expert observation is that clients often complain of their inability to reach at the top in Google search rankings. Although getting high Google rankings is highly beneficial for the business but it is not the only condition to scale online marketing success. Webpage content value, relevance, quantity, and quality with specific keywords are essential to be considered for high rankings. It is highly recommended that the webpage must have high value content as compared to competitors. High-value content automatically impresses bloggers and other sites to connect with; backlink authority votes let Google choose the given webpage to reach on the top in search rankings for a specific keyword or keywords.

So it’s a matter of how good a webpage can be in its niche. There is much more to discuss, but I believe this is enough for this blog. Thanks.

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