By: claddemo On: April 15, 2016 In: Uncategorized Comments: 0 is, perhaps, the biggest online global classified advertisement service. You can post for free. You can advertise services, offer products, invite franchisees and do a lot to promote your business at a low cost while targeting specific geographic locations. As in any other online method of marketing or selling, there is a system to Craigslist that you would be better off knowing in order to succeed. Be prepared to spare time when you implement these tools, tricks and tips for effective marketing on Craigslist. Leverage this priceless avenue and your sales could shoot up 300% in your area and all of that without spending a whole lot on advertising and marketing. Just make a little bit of effort.


Timing is crucial. If you post mid-afternoon, there are fewer chances of your ad being seen. Most viewers, according to surveys, find mornings a convenient time to view craigslist offers and take action. However, the downside is that your ad might get pushed down by evening. Would you find time to keep posting throughout the day and that too without being affected by Craigslist’s spam policy? Unlikely. Choose a balance. Post in the morning and around 5 to 6 PM.


Craigslist is great in that it allows both text and images to be posted in an ad. However, text is important in that it should contain keywords. Craigslist displays ads by time and keywords when users carry out online searches on the site. Word the ad carefully. Create a headline that grabs attention and invites a call to action. Include as detailed a description as the ad length will allow but be brief. Always include contact information. Posting an image further bolsters the text.

Target area

If yours is mainly a local business, there is little point in advertising nationally or globally. Just select the city where you want your ad to be displayed and proceed. Craigslist will also display your ad to people who search your products in nearby cities.

Post frequently

The ideal balance would be twice daily, every day. However, in the process you could lay yourself open to Craigslisting blacklisting policy that is automated. It is known as ghosting. The way to post frequently is to word the ad so that it appears completely different from the previous one. Be careful to select the geographic location and the category in order to avoid ghosting.

What is ghosting and how to avoid it?

Craigslist has automated software in place that automatically detects violation of set guidelines and makes your ad invisible. You have to post only in your geographic location. You must post an ad that complies with the category heading. You must avoid frequent posting of the same ad. Refrain from using automated craigslist posting software or tools. Learn about craigslist ghosting policies before you word your ad and start deploying it. It will prevent your falling into the ghosting trap.

It is simple to navigate the craigslist system if you take the trouble to know the rules and how to work around them.

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